Saturday, August 18, 2012

Get free ARMAS gear for APB

Manbeard the Huge's Free Crap Guide
Because your ass is broke.

Welcome to my guide for getting ARMAS crap for free. I go by ManbeardTheHuge in game. If you, like myself, are in a semi-permanent state of crippling poverty (isn't that why we play APB?), I have a treat for you. Kind of. Actually, the process sucks a little bit, but bear with me.

As many of you have noticed after playing APB for a bit, all the really cool stuff is just out of reach. They put it on a shelf labeled "ARMAS," and you have to shell out real money to get it. Until then, you can just look at it and wish you had it. This usually occurs in the form of getting shot to death or run over by it repeatedly. But, for those of you who don't know, there is a way for your broke ass to get a stepladder and snag some sweet gear. Actually, there are a few ways.

Like I mentioned before, though, they all suck a little bit. I'm about to help you reduce that suck to a more tolerable level. Here we go...

METHOD 1: PrizeRebel
My first choice, and probably the least crappy way to grind your way to some halfway decent ARMAS stuff. This site also has the advantage of doing custom orders from sites like Amazon and Ebay, so after you finally get your ARMAS gear and realize you still suck, you can turn your efforts to something more productive. Or keep getting slaughtered, but look cooler doing it. I won't judge. There are also way more offers on this site to complete than on any of the other sites I've seen. Here's what you do:

1: Click that link above and sign up with the site.
2: Download the crap out of RoboForm (google it).
3: Create a profile in RoboForm and fill out all the personal information.
4: On the PrizeRebel site, go to offers and just start clicking on them. Let RoboForm do all the work of filling in the info (note: if they catch you submitting false info, they will not credit you).
5: Rack up the points until you can get an Ultimate Game Card. Use the code they give you on the G1 website to score some G1C.
6: Start getting referrals. It's no secret what I'm doing here.

NOTE: I do not recommend downloading anything from any of the offer sites, no matter how tempting the credits might be. You WILL get adware. If you do download something, run Spybot S&D to get rid of it.

METHOD 2: PlaySpan
A lot like PrizeRebel, but with fewer offers and limited to gaming rewards. The only advantage is that you get your prize instantly instead of having to wait for a couple days like on PrizeRebel. Also, you can just buy G1 points or UGC here, but it's pointless in this case because you can do that anyway on the G1 website.

1: Follow the instructions above for PrizeRebel; it's basically the same.
2: The referral program goes through email instead of a link, and you only get points if they actually pay for something.

NOTE: Once again, DO NOT download anything from here.

Finally, you can do offers/surveys directly from the G1 website. If you're on the ARMAS site, click the banner that says "Gear up for free," and it will take you to the right place. This method has the advantage of rewarding you with G1C, so there's no screwing around with game cards or transferring points, which is nice. Unfortunately, there are fewer offers here than elsewhere and most of them straight up do not work, which is frustrating.

1: Once you are on the offers page, you will find that there are actually two sections. The first section, the one of top, contains a lot of crap you've probably already seen on the last two sites. For whatever reason, most of these offers simply will not credit. You will be raging pretty hard if you try to grind through these, but at least a few will work if you want to try them.
2: The lower section, which has a little sidebar on the left, works much better. If you click on surveys from that sidebar, these almost always work (though it can be ridiculously difficult to qualify for one). The Matomy tasks also work, but can also be enraging because they are extremely anal retentive about your answers and they take forever.
3: This method is really only good if you manage to come across an offer that you happen to know is quick and easy from prior experience.

NOTE: One more time: DO NOT DOWNLOAD ANYTHING. You will regret it.

That just about wraps it up. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. The only other things that I can add is that the whole process becomes less frustrating once you get good at it, and you get good at it by doing it. If you get frustrated, drop it for a while and come back to it later. Don't try to do too much at once, or you'll get burnt out. It's also best to use all three methods and just do a little bit on each one at a time. Good luck!